Productivity non- Tariff measures

and Openness

a collaborative research project on regulatory barriers to trade, suported by the European Commission


This is the survey of the Methodology Inventory Database on Non-Tariff Measures (MIND) that has been developed within the EU project PRONTO (Productivity, Non-Tariff Measures, and Openness).

The MIND is a directory of research using data on non-tariff measures (NTMs). Next to providing an overview of measures (according to type of measure, product or sector affected and countries), the aim is to shed light on the methodology applied. For details see here. The MIND is a crowd-sourced, living documentation, which will evolve along with the literature. Researchers are invited to insert their own studies on NTMs as well as the studies they have come across and consider relevant for being included in the MIND. Note that the MIND does not contain the complete body of the literature but aims to cover research considered as most relevant and leading in the work on the NTM topic.

Please contribute to the effort of collecting the relevant NTM studies. You are asked to create an account in order to fill in the survey since we may need to get back to you with questions.
For an overview of the topics of the survey questions see here.

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